Woodland Charter School (WCS) is now accepting applications for children eligible for 1st-8th grade.  Parents are encouraged to attend a Parent Information Session to begin the enrollment process (contact the school for upcoming Parent Information Sessions).


Birth Date Deadlines

The Woodland Charter School curriculum is inspired by Waldorf education and is based on a particular model of child development. While our school is open to all students who wish to enroll (up to capacity), the school has adopted a guideline for minimum age of enrollment for each grade level that exceeds the minimum age requirements under the law. Below are the current grade/age guidelines for student applicants.

Grade 1: 6 years old by May 31st 2017 (no exceptions)
Grade 2: 7 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 3: 8 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 4: 9 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 5: 10 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 6: 11 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 7: 12 years old by May 31st 2017
Grade 8: 13 years old by May 31st 2017


General Information for Admission:

All students who reside in the state of Oregon will be eligible for admission to the Woodland Charter School. Oregon Charter School law will allow students to apply to the school from outside the school district without an inter-district transfer.  If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of a given class, students shall be selected through a lottery process at the end of the enrollment period. Admission steps will include:

1.  Attend (optional but highly encouraged) a Parent Information Session.
2.  Submit Enrollment Packet (Enrollment Packets are available at the office or we can mail them to you. If you are applying for a class that is currently full, you may fill out only the two page TRSD Enrollment Form found below to be added to the wait list. Please be sure to choose the correct form based on your child’s grade of projected enrollment. If mailing it to us, please call to confirm receipt.)

Three Rivers School District Enrollment Form 2016/17 – Elementary 2016/17
Three Rivers School District Enrollment Form 2016/17 – Middle School 2016/17


Vaccination Information
*For Proof of Immunization/Updated Proof of Immunization please bring information to assist you in filling out the form at the school (health records, etc).
If you are seeking exemptions, see this link for state requirements: Please be sure to provide the school with the Certificates (via the Health Oregon website) for each and every immunization for which you are seeking exemption.

2017 Josephine County Immunization Rates (pdf)