Get Involved

The effort to create Woodland Charter School is community-based and ongoing.  If you are interested in helping us organize the effort, please consider joining one of our several organizing committees.

What are your strengths and interests?

· Talking with others, computer networking, writing, marketing, flyering, tabling, photography?

Contact Huck LaFave to be a part of the Outreach Committee.

· Party planning, event organizing, cooking, baking, helping others share their riches?

Contact Aiyah Geier to be a part of the Fundraising Committee.

· Carpentry, property development and management, navigating bureaucracies, getting your hands dirty?

Contact Jesse McNamara to be part of the Site Committee.

· Grant writing, facilitation, financial management, business development, work on capital campaign?

Contact Stacey Denton to be part of the Leadership & Finance Committee

Or are you willing to help with things on a more sporadic basis? Give us a call – we’ll add you to our volunteer list!   541-846-4246