Sponsorship Update- And the Conversation Goes On…

Dec 11

Woodland Charter School developers are still in the midst of negotiation with representatives from the Three Rivers School District.  The conversation is centering on the topics of the pass-through rate, student performance requirements, caps (or limits to the number of existing TRSD students that can attend Woodland), and the terms of siting at Hidden Valley High School. 

At TRSD’s last regularly scheduled board meeting on November 14, many supporters of Woodland Charter School showed up to express their support for opening our Waldorf-methods public charter. Developer and Project Coordinator Stacey Denton made a presentation to the Directors of the Board of Education. With two members having recently joined the Board in June of 2011, it was crucial to have so many members of the public voice their reasons for supporting the initiative, and a rousing conversation between Board and supporters followed Stacey Denton’s presentation.

Leslie Meier, member of the School Board, expressed her desire for both parties to request another delay on the State Board of Education’s (SBE) vote to sponsor Woodland.  The SBE had postponed its vote until December 1, but TRSD’s next meeting is scheduled for December 12,  so their vote would fall after the State Board’s.  Jadd Horban and Ron Crume, the two new TRSD board members, expressed interest in finding out more information on Woodland’s plans to finance and organize the development of the Hidden Valley High School campus as a location for Woodland.

To summarize, TRSD board members want more time to gather and review information on Woodland’s proposal before they vote.  TRSD and Woodland submitted a second joint request to the SBE to delay its vote on sponsorship for Woodland.  This request was granted at the end of November, and on December 2nd TRSD supplied Woodland with a final request for more information and feedback on Woodland’s revised charter proposal.  Woodland developers have until the end of the month to respond to this request, and TRSD will vote again on sponsorship for Woodland on January 9.  Mark your calendar to plan on attending.