Woodland Developers go before TRSD this Monday!

Oct 15

October 17th, 2011 • 7pm • Fleming Middle School•6001 Monument Drive• Merlin

This next Monday, October 17th, Woodland Charter School organizers will make a mini-presentation to the TRSD school board to refresh/acquaint them with our proposal for sponsorship.  Two board members have recently taken office (Ron Crume and Jadd Horban–June 2011), and we intend to bring them up-to-speed on our request for District sponsorship.  In addition, we want to reach out to incumbent members Ron Lengwin, Bob Litak and Leslie Meier to reacquaint them with our proposal and the legislative changes made at the State level which make their sponsorship of Woodland a good thing for the children of the Applegate Valley, and potentially a profitable venture.

Please join us on Monday.  Public comments of support during the meeting and a strong community presence will remind them that there is broad community support for Woodland Charter School.  Hope to see you there:
TRSD Board meeting
Monday, October 17th
Fleming Middle School
6001 Monument Drive 
Grants Pass, OR  97526 (actually Merlin)