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Board of Directors


The Woodland Charter Council (the governing board of our school) is seeking to fill 2 vacancies on the Charter Council (board of directors).

The Charter Council encourages parents, grandparents, elders and any interested community members to apply who have skills and experience in the areas of education, governance, law, business, finance, facilities, public relations, and other areas that would benefit the community.

Above all, Board members have to work together on issues that can be sensitive, complex, and emotionally charged. It is of the utmost importance that we recruit directors who will be diligent in their research, courageous and participatory in discussions, and respectful at all times in our verbal and non-verbal communications. We must be direct with each other, protect the confidences of all issues and parties discussed in closed sessions, and strive to always set a good example of integrity, responsibility, and kindness.

When recruiting, we look for all of the above qualities, while recognizing that we may not find them all in a single person. If you have a deep love for our school and the Whole Child philosophy, we want to talk to you!

The Board meets at least once per month for an average of 3 hours currently on Tuesday afternoon/eve. It is important to attend each meeting, check your school email account daily, and stay on top of communications and committee responsibilities. The Board occasionally has a second monthly meeting if there are time-sensitive issues that need to be addressed.

 Please share with any community members you feel might be a good fit. Please consider volunteering in this capacity. Individuals interested or wanting more information please contact board president, Liz Pell.

Woodland is part of the Three Rivers School District (TRSD) but has a Charter Council which sets policies and oversees the administration of the school, allowing a certain level of autonomy, creativity, and flexibility.

Current Charter Council (School Board)

President: Liz Pell – liz.pell@woodlandcharterschool.org

Vice-President: Jesse McNamara – jesse.mcnamara@woodlandcharterschool.org

Treasurer: Stacey Denton – stacey.denton@woodlandcharterschool.org

Secretary: Brittanie Urbine – brittanie.urbine@woodlandcharterschool.org

Chelsea Daugherty – chelsea.daugherty@woodlandcharterschool.org

Roy Thomas – roy.thomas@woodlandcharterschool.org