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Faculty & Staff

Our community of devoted and accomplished faculty and staff members strives to create an environment of warmth, enthusiasm, and inspiration for our students each and every day.

Christy Muzik

1st Grade

First Grade Teacher - more info soon!

Michelle “Huck” LaFave

Wolf Class, 6th Grade

Michelle (Huck) LaFave joined the Woodland community during the school’s formative years and served as a member of the Woodland Charter Council for over two…

Naoko Bishop

Handwork Assistant

Handwork Assistant

Jade Keglovitz


Physical Education/Games Teacher - more info coming soon.

Kristy Demling

Bear Class, 4th Grade

Grade 3 Bear Class Teacher - More info coming soon

Linda Johanson

Hummingbird Class, 7th Grade

Linda Johanson is the class teacher of the Hummingbird class (currently 6th grade) at Woodland Charter School. Linda moved from the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont to…

Rob Everett

Dragonfly Class, 5th Grade

Rob Everett joined Woodland Charter School as the Class Teacher for the Applegate River Class in July, 2016, having worked at East Bay Waldorf School…

Michael Wilt

Mountain Class, 8th Grade

Michael Wilt joined Woodland Charter School in July 2013 as the 1st Grade / Mountain Class teacher. He has led the Mountain Class since that time,…

Christine Leonard

Salmon Class, 2nd Grade

With her degree in education, Christine Leonard taught for Pennsylvania public schools before moving to Oregon in 1976, with her young family, to support developing…

Celeste Manka

Oak Class, 3rd Grade

Celeste Manka joined Woodland Charter School in July 2018 as the class teacher of that year’s incoming first grade class. Celeste grew up among the redwoods…


Office / Admin Team

  • Wensdae Davis, Education Director
  • Alana Goldstein, Business Director
  • Heather Saunders, Office Manager
  • Brittanie Urbine, Administrative Assistant

Student Support Team

  • Lori George
  • Helene Bisnaire
  • Julie Osbrack

Special Education Assistant

  • Carla Tchack