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Festivals & Celebrations

May Faire Dancing

The celebration of festivals is an important part of Waldorf education. A festival is a joyous celebration of life, and has the quality of lifting us out of the ordinary and into the mysteries and magic of the rhythm of the seasons.

Throughout history, festivals have emerged from people’s connection with their inner life and their search for the meaning of human existence. The celebrations are interwoven with the life of the earth and the cycles of nature. Many traditions recognize the inward realities behind different passages during the year, and that is why special observances cluster together on the calendar. In the Waldorf tradition, festivals are meant to reflect the reality of what is happening to the earth during important passages throughout the year.

Bobbing for apples at Harvest Faire

For example, we can experience the autumn in a natural way as we watch the colorful changing of the leaves, feel the crispness in the air, and taste the tartness of a newly picked apple. We can experience it also, in a inward way, if we begin to perceive the beauty around us. The awe of a special sunset can quicken a sense of reverence, stir us to voice a few poetic lines, or feel an inner peace. A common experience of joy and reverence is what allows a festival at a particular time of year to unite a whole community.

Woodland Charter School relies on the energy and enthusiasm of parent and community volunteers to pull our festivals together. Please consider joining the Parent Council – a very rewarding way to get your volunteer hours in and contribute to the vibrancy and health of the school.

Dia de los Muertos