2015-16 Calendar

The following are some images from the last day of the 2014/15 school year.

From top to bottom: Eight Grader receiving flower and cards from first graders during the Rose Ceremony, departing Sage class teacher Ms Christie Brawner receiving handmade rug from her class, graduating class planting Maple tree, Maple class and newly planted Maple tree, whole school handshake circle.




Woodland Charter School Needs Your Support!

Thank you for your continued support – Woodland Charter School is thriving because of you! Over the summer we will be putting in another modular building to accommodate our growing population. Because a significant portion of our state-funded tuition (15%) is kept by the district, we will need to raise about $50,000 in the coming year to meet our students’ educational needs. Donations of any amount greatly appreciated!

To make a contribution to Woodland Charter School, use our “Donate” PayPal button below, or send a check/money order to Woodland Charter School, PO Box 740, Murphy, OR 97533.
The recurring payment option in PayPal an easy way to make an ongoing contribution. Woodland Charter School has federally recognized nonprofit status, allowing for your contributions to be tax-deductible.



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