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For enrollment information, please Click here to email!
Last day of school will be Wednesday, June 5th.

Rob Everett

Rob Everett joined Woodland Charter School as the Class Teacher for the Applegate River Class in July, 2016, having worked

Colten Schmidt

Colten Schmidt joined Woodland as our 6th grade Bear class teacher in August 2022 having previously worked in formal, informal,

Michelle “Huck” LaFave

Michelle (Huck) LaFave joined the Woodland community during the school’s formative years and served as a member of the Woodland

Christine Leonard

With her degree in education, Christine Leonard taught for Pennsylvania public schools before moving to Oregon in 1976, with her

Christy Muzik

Christy Muzik joined Woodland as our 1st Grade – Blue Heron class teacher in 2020.  She holds a Master’s Degree

Betsy Herren

Betsy Herren has been living and teaching in the region since 1990.  She was born in Washington, DC and grew

Tanyia Hall

Tanyia found her muse early in life living in a rural community in upstate New York where she had time to

Breonna Greer

Redwood Class Teacher – More info coming soon!

Misti Johnstone

Misti Johnstone

Fawn Lily Kindergarten teacher…more info soon. 

Chris Carmiencke

Chris was born and raised in Bend, Oregon as the youngest of two children and was able to cultivate a